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You cannot supplement your way to health, that is what I like to call "green allopathy". I am interested in getting people off prescription drugs (if that is their goal too) but I am not one to load up clients on supplements, even organic, nutrient-dense, plant-based ones. 

Supplementation fills gaps. Consider your supplement regiment to fall into one of two camps: supporting the bodies detoxification process or supporting the body though increasing nutrients. Clean or strengthen, so-to-speak.


Full disclosure: I do both recommend and sell a wide range of natural supplements, protein and superfood powders, essential oils, and running-related retail goods. I generally direct individuals to online venues or to Whole Foods and am not attempting to supplement income with this client service. 


Bring in or text photos of all of your supplements. Detoxification and athletic performance supplementation consultant.  



What products can I eat? Which protein bars or other packaged goods? If you were going to eat a fun food, which is a better choice? All of these are confusing CPG topics but easy to answer. Focus on organic, fat and protein, low sugar, few and simple ingredients, and avoid chemicals, HFCS, soy, and artificial ingredients. 

Edward worked in organic Consumer Packaged Goods in San Francisco East Bay for 4 years; traveling the United States presenting at food product events, creating organic CPG products, and sourcing indigenous superfoods around the globe.



One of my clients favorite things to do is shop with me. I have led over 500 individuals through grocery store tours. It is one of my favorite and most insightful health food education events I conduct. Inquire within, prices reasonable. 


Due to client demand, I have begun selling Organic Full Spectrum (NON-THC, NON-CBD) Hemp Oil and CBD Oil. If you are interested in purchasing these products, you may due so; they are 100% legal (non-psycho-active). Please visit:  

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