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Athletic Performance: from novice youth through current professional including a wide range of sports 

Functional Nutrition: Plant-based, all dietary preferences, eating on-the-go, meal planning, meal and food scheduling, pre and post athletic fueling, marathon running fueling

Metabolism: How to eat to burn fat as fuel, eating for hormonal balance, most people under eat, want to obsess over calories? please go to weight watchers instead of me! 

Ketogenetic Dieting and Topics: How to eat and workout to burn fat as fuel

Inflammation: Anti-inflammation practices; food and lifestyle; pH and acidity levels, how to fix cholesterol 

Hydration topics: water properties, relative to disease states, athletic conditions

Hormone Review: Supplementation protocols 

Body Acceptance / Health At Every Size / Somatic Awareness

Weight-loss / Body Composition

Disease prevention: diabetes management, cancer support


Detoxification: heavy metals, liver, juice cleanse, antioxidant support, blood cleanse


Gut health: digestive improvements, IBS


Movement: fitness, structuring a program, running, marathon training


Holistic health perspectives; lifestyle, self-awareness, and nutrition

Meditation education and stress management

Indigenous foods; superfoods

Children's nutrition, ADD/ADHD

Acne and skin conditions

Qi Gong, energy models, guided imagery

Religion, spirituality, relationships, self-awareness, life and death

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ayurveda (Traditional Indian Medicine)

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