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Edward is an awareness-promoting, graduate-level Holistic Health Educator and Mind Body Medicine Practitioner. He is the Clinical Director of Mind Body Esports; traveling the world supporting the best esports organizations, teams, and players. 

Edward has led health and performance for world-class esports organizations, including G2, 100T, NRG, Golden Guardians, Complexity, FNATIC, ​Renegades, Nouns Esports, and also at Evil Geniuses. 


Edward listens, teaches and assists clients in how to dissolve barriers separating their intentions from experience. His team is able to support and co-create individualized health platforms for organizations rooted in holistic health, encouraging mindfulness, and improving human optimization. 

When not with clients or at global esports events, Edward can be found in nature with his family, trail running, and writing a dissertation for his PhD in Mind Body Medicine on psychophysiological experience in professional esports.

Previously, Edward was the functional nutritionist for the Hanson's Books Running Team, and the Detroit Public Schools Wellness Council. He has led corporate wellness events at Comerica Bank, General Motors, Altair, Maher, BorgWarner, Lear, Quicken Loans, and McLaren Hospitals. He routinely guest lectures, consults, and presents keynotes at large events including at Oakland University, Western Michigan University, Michigan State University, Ohio State University, Davenport University, Rochester University, and many more.. 


Academic Background:

Doctoral Student, Mind Body Medicine 

Saybrook University, San Diego, California

Dissertation Subject: Psychophysiology of Professional Gamers in High Pressure Events

Research: Physiology Effects of Performance Anxiety  

Master of Arts, Holistic Health Education

John F. Kennedy University, San Francisco, California

Graduate Thesis: Integral Athletics: A Model for Self-Assessing Athletic Experience


Concentration: Esports Performance, team and individual optimization, Anti-Inflammation, Stress Management, Biofeedback, Human Metabolism, Plant-Based & Functional Nutrition. Athletic Performance,

Detoxification, Corporate Wellness, Psychophysiology, Mindfulness  

Professional Background:

Functional Nutritionist, Organic Consumer Packaged Goods,

Holistic Health Education, Entrepreneurship, Meditation & Mindfulness,

Corporate Wellness Consultation 


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